“Related Parties” means, with respect to a specific person, that person153s Affiliates and the respective directors, officers, employees, agents and consultants of that person and that person153s Affiliates. 4.1.6 Privileges. No grantor may create, assume or suffer a lien on the security held by that grantor, except for the privileges authorized under section 6.02 of the credit agreement, provided that nothing herein shall be deemed to be an agreement to subordinate any of the administrative agent`s privileges under the loan documents to any lien otherwise authorized under section 6.02 of the credit agreement. “Article” means a numbered article of this Security Agreement, unless express reference is made to another document. Security agreements often include agreements that include provisions for fund support, a repayment plan, or insurance requirements. The borrower may also allow the lender to retain the loan guarantee until repayment. Collateral agreements may also cover intangible assets such as patents or receivables. A promissy note may include a security agreement as part of its terms. If a security agreement mentions commercial property as security, the lender may file a UCC-1 declaration that serves as a lien on the property. 4.4. Instruments, securities, movable papers, documents and pledged deposits. That grantor hereby authorizes the administrative agent to attach any amendment to this security agreement and agrees that any additional security belonging to it as set forth in such amendments shall be deemed to form part of the security agreement; provided that, in order to avoid any doubt as to the provision of the participations of subsidiaries required under this Section 4.4, only participations in the capital of subsidiaries which constitute collateral in accordance with Article II of this Agreement are remitted to the managing agent; provided further that the equity interests of first-stage foreign subsidiaries to be delivered under this Agreement may be delivered after the balance date in accordance with Article 5.09 of the Credit Agreement.