4. In the event of disagreement on the interpretation, implementation or compliance with the provisions of the Agreement, the Parties shall immediately enter into consultations. If the matter is not resolved within twelve months, either party may terminate the agreement with an effective period of six months from the date of written notification of such denunciation. 5. the fixing, in accordance with the local collective agreement, of the recompositions and promotions and the notification of the Spanish Ministry of Defence; 2. Two establishment plans shall be drawn up for each establishment or activity, one for local staff and the other for United States staff, which reflect the current situation and take into account the provisions of this Agreement. The timetable for local staff and any subsequent changes are communicated to the Spanish Ministry of Defence for approval. The schedule of U.S. personnel and any subsequent changes are communicated to the Spanish Ministry of Defense for information. In any event, the proportionality of each position plan should be respected without the percentage of participation varying beyond 3%.

Any change in this proportionality shall be subject to the approval of the MsyIng and Health Commission. 3. At the initiative of the Spanish authorities, consultations shall be held with the United States authorities in order to identify the possibility for Spain to participate in the operation of other IDA. The arrangements for such participation, including training, shall be laid down in agreements adopted by mutual agreement. 1. The two Governments shall endeavour not to dispel by mutual agreement any difficulties or doubts which arise as to the interpretation or application of the provisions of this Agreement. 5. Remuneration of local staff in accordance with pay slips prepared by the United States Armed Forces, their salaries, wages and other remuneration to which they may be entitled. The content and format of the pay slips will be subject to future consultations and agreements between the Spanish Ministry of Defense and the United States Armed Forces. The Spanish Ministry of Defense informs the United States Armed Forces of all deductions or deductions required by Spanish law, which are reflected in the above-mentioned pay slips; The U.S.

Department of Defense has also requested permission from Spain to send two more ships and 600 sailors to Rota. This requires, however, an amendment to the bilateral agreement, which Spain considers an international treaty, which must be submitted to Parliament for approval. .