Yes. During the nullity periods, the lessor is responsible for the payment of the municipal tax. The government is also calculating how much money it will release for this special council. In some cases, the owner of the property / lessor is required to pay the communal tax. These are special circumstances when tenants or residents are exempt from payment. My Council Tax is a useful tool that calculates an estimate of your municipal tax by simply typing in your postal code. If you have signed a joint rental agreement, the persons mentioned on the contract, who have their exclusive or principal residence in the property, are liable for payment. You are jointly and severally liable. The Council`s tax law stipulates that it is the owner, not the occupants, who must pay the municipal tax bill. The rent charged to the occupant may include an amount for municipal tax.

The amount included is a private matter between the owner and the occupant and does not concern us. The invoice must remain in the name of the owner: it cannot be given to the occupants for payment. Below is an example of Cheshire East Council calculating its municipal tax as follows: councils have the right to decide how much of this bill to pay. Not so long ago, many tips would have offered homeowners a discount of up to 50% off the bill if their property was empty, but the concern about the growing number of empty properties has changed things. Some boards also calculate when a property is empty for a short period of time between rental contracts or for a single night. It depends on the type of rental agreement you have. If you rent the entire property to one or more common tenants, it is their responsibility to pay. (including individual residents, families and common rents) In this case, the bills are sent directly by the city council to your tenants, so you are not in the equation. Appeals may not be brought against the amount fixed for the municipal tax or for non-payment. As soon as there are no tenants in the residence, the lessor is responsible for paying the municipal tax bill. You should inform us as soon as possible that you are moving to avoid the payment of the wrong municipal tax. Usually, no.

As long as the lease stipulates that communal tax payments are the responsibility of the tenants, the owners must be sure if the tenants leave with unpaid debts. If you miss a payment on your municipal tax, you will receive a formal notice and 7 days to pay your rate. If you miss this deadline, you will lose the right to pay in instalments and the balance of your annual municipal tax is due immediately. To find your city council, you can use the government website – here. For more information on the municipal tax, visit your website of the municipal council. Landlords should take advantage of this and check the employment status of their tenants. Suppose, for example, in the three-bed apartment, that a tenant is a full-time student, an individual in the army and a young professional. .