Rural Emergency Enhancement Fund (REEF) Eligible rural emergency funding to assist honorary physicians who together plan and provide public access to ED services on a regular and planned basis. Rural Retention Program (RSO) Retention payment to physicians working in RSA-eligible communities. Supervisors of Provincially Licensed Physicians (SPLP) Funding for eligible physicians who spend a significant amount of time assessing the knowledge, skills and clinical abilities of field physicians with provisional licenses. (see page 24 in Rural Programs: A Guide to the Rural Physician Programs in British Columbia) RnR Rounds RnR Rounds (Rural & Remote Emergency Medicine Rounds) is a simulation-based CPD resuscitation program for healthcare professionals, currently offered at Victoria BC with virtual participation options. The agreement on the subsidiarity of rural practice is a subsidiary contract of the master`s degree in physics between the B.C. The government, BC physicians and the Medical Services Commission. This supplementary agreement aims to improve patient care and the availability of medical services in rural and remote areas of the province. A Joint Standing Committee on Rural Issues (JSC), representing both the provincial government and BC physicians, develops and manages medical programs under the current subsidiary agreement. Learn more about the Committee.

Isolation Allowance Fund (IAF) Additional resources to help RSA municipalities meet recruitment costs for which difficulties in filling a vacancy are or are expected to be particularly severe. Northern and Isolation Travel Assistance Assistance Programme (NITAOP) provides travel assistance to medical officers who attend rural and remote communities eligible to provide medical services. Recruitment Contingency Fund (RCF) Additional funding to assist municipalities, health authorities or groups of physicians for whom difficulties in filling a vacancy are or are expected to be particularly severe. Recruitment Incentive Fund (RIF) Funding of physicians recruited to fill vacancies. Continu RuralIng Medical Education (RCME) Provides campaign physicians with enhanced CME funding….