Text search procedure: Specify the corresponding text search procedure for the discount agreement with the corresponding text id. In this way and from this page we can create partial invoices until the total amount of discounts is paid to the customer. There are improved margins due to valid discount and price calculations. Note: the billing method `B3` is the same as `G2`. In addition, for the “Reduction count” field, we specified the value “C” (partial count for a reduction agreement). Note: Regardless of the material registered for invoicing, the system automatically establishes the request for partial delivery of supporting documents, while the discount is made under the discount contract. Profit center bypass: If the type of agreement is a discount of 1000 (vendor based agreement), the billing material must be assigned at the agreement level when creating the agreement. The billing method (invoice, credit, etc.) must be relevant to the processing of discounts. 2. The assignment of the number range to the type of discount agreement Under the discount contract, several conditions are applied for each material or group of materials purchased by a customer.

Each registration may indicate the amount of the rebate either as a percentage or as a fixed value. In addition, condition records can use rates, which allows the customer to earn more discounts by purchasing more products. Discount agreements are indicated in the header of the billing slips (in the area of price data) and allow SAP to track the business volume of a given customer. Depending on the SAP configuration, it is possible to automatically account for provisions at the same time as the billing slips, so that the cumulative amount of discounts is recorded in the accounting. For the payment of the discount to the customer, it is necessary to pay the discount contract. The settlement of the reduction contract leads to the issuance of a credit to the customer on the amount of the accumulated discount. Below the net worth of the item, we must place the types of discount conditions. As the amount of the rebate is calculated on the basis of a discount, while the conditions of the rebate are inserted in the procedure of the “von” box, we specify the “level n°” of a discount base. Payment Method: Indicates the standard method for paying the discount to the customer. For example, it can be a credit or a check, etc.

Final statement: here we must indicate the type of proof `B1` for the establishment of the Belegrabatt credit requirement during the final statement to the customer. .