(ii) by the majority written agreement of all members who are essentially related to those series in the form of Annex C; The respective names and addresses of the manager or managers of each series are defined in their separate series agreement and are called and have the authority conferred by the above definitions. The executive(s) of each series are in office until each of his successors is elected. 10. Members. The members of this series are the following persons, whose number of units is as follows: three hundred (300) units authorized in total for this series, of which one hundred and fifty (150) are units with the right to vote and one hundred and fifty (150) units not entitled to vote. Serial units represent only in the series and not in ABC CAPITAL LLC. Majority voting controls all decisions that are not otherwise considered controlled. In addition, regulatory authorities and courts have made decisions regarding serial LLCs that make their legal status even more unclear due to the lack of legislation. These include legal issues such as: CONSIDERING that the parties intend that the debts, liabilities and liabilities entered into with respect to the new series and separate ownership are contractual or otherwise entered into, solely against the assets of the New Series and separate ownership and not against the assets of the enterprise in general or any other series thereof; and the foundation certificate contains a check box in section 5 to indicate that you are creating a serial LLC. Yes.

The Limited Liability Company Agreement of your Alabama Series LLC (in most countries called the LLC Corporate Agreement) allows your LLC Series to establish individual series, but it does much more than that. A limited liability partnership agreement defines the structure of your organization, who owns it, which members are tied to which series, and how your Alabama Series LLC will handle challenges and litigation in the future (as well as a whole host of other details). .