There are many regional or national conferences and symposia, but lately GOCA and DMA jointly organize global offset meetings every two years. The first global meeting on offset was held in 2004 in Sintra, Portugal; then Athens, Greece (2006); the third in Seville, Spain, in 2008. Goca and DIOA organize several times a year both individual and joint conferences. Resolution No. 918/03 of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania (15-7-03). Compensation is the responsibility of the Ministry of the Economy. The threshold is 5 million LTL, about 1.5 million euros. Minimum requirement of 100%. The multipliers are between 1 and 5.

[63] Indirect offers are ancillary agreements that are not directly related to the product/service purchased/sold. Most people call this category civilian offsets, although there are many indirect offsets that are not civilian offsets. Indirect compensation may take the form of services, investments, counter-negotiation and/or co-production. For example, Greek companies produce part of the Lockheed C-130 they bought from the United States. The Greek co-production is a direct offset in the United States. Or, in a more sophisticated form of compensation involving three countries, Portugal is responsible for the maintenance of Kuwaiti Lockheed Martin aircraft. This is a Portuguese “direct compensation”, since Portugal bought the aircraft and is responsible for maintenance as a partner. [18] An investment in a Romanian security software company or support for the export and marketing of a Belgian environmental company in difficult sectors are other forms of real indirect compensation. One of the main concerns of compensation agreements is the lack of transparency. The details of the offsets are not disclosed to the public and are therefore not subject to any verification, making it easy to conceal bribes in complex offset agreements. It has also been criticised that companies do not audit or monitor their offset agreements in order to assess whether the offsets indicated therein are realistically achievable or to measure the percentage of a offset. There is a risk that a company will commit to compensation without being able to achieve it, but will not be held accountable by the foreign government.

2. In direct settlement contracts, there are legitimate “confidentiality clauses” which, in several countries, may even be worthless of official classification up to state secrets. However, in the States of the European Union, the extension of the classification of state secrets to indirect compensation – which has nothing to do with military or state security – is considered an abuse. For example, the classification of an offset that is not related to state security or military will – such as indirect and civilian compensation in pharmaceutical research, environmental technologies or export support for non-military/security products – leads not only to significant market distortions, but also to potentially un punished corruption, protected by baseless secrecy. [23] Pre-reward activities are permitted and welcome in several countries. they are like offsets without certainties to obtain a “credit value”.. . .