5.5 The payment deadline is at the heart of this agreement. “fees,” the fees, expenses and other amounts that the client pays to the entity under this agreement. These terms and conditions of sale by McLarens (the “Company”) and the customer include the entire agreement between the parties (the “agreement”), unless there is already a properly executed agreement between the parties. 11.1 Subject to Clauses 11. 2 and 11.3, this contract automatically expires after the services have been concluded. 14.5 The Client may not cede, transfer, impose, circumvent the agreement, make rights or obligations under this Agreement, or claim to do the same, nor transfer or trust third parties for any of its obligations under that agreement, instead of trusting that contract or any of its obligations for the benefit of a third party without prior written authorization from the entity. Without prejudice to other rights, the entity may transfer, renew, cede, sub-contract or sublicensing this agreement or any of its rights or obligations under this agreement. 14.1 No waiver of a party to assert one of its rights under this agreement affects its ability to assert those rights or any of its other rights under this agreement. A waiver is only valid if it is written and signed by the party concerned and is expressly marked as a waiver by reference to this clause 14.1. 13.1 Disputes or disputes between the parties concerning this agreement are first attributed to an approved representative of each party who does everything reasonably possible to resolve the dispute. If the parties have not been able to resolve the dispute within 10 working days after referring to the representatives, the parties refer, as far as possible, to external mediation using the services of the Centre for Dispute Resolution (CEDR) and the CEDR`s standard mediation procedure, where possible or in similar dispute resolution services in jurisdictions where the CEDR does not operate, and each party provides all necessary support in this regard. 14.2 Nothing in this agreement is intended to restrict or exclude liability in the event of fraudulent acts or fraudulent omissions or misrepresentations.

9.1 The company reserves ownership of all intellectual property rights over all materials produced by the company and/or company staff in accordance with this Agreement.