A tenant may sublet his rental premises with the written agreement of the owner or assign it to another person. The tenancy agreement would be between the sub-note and the tenant. A lessor cannot refuse permission without physical cause and must be justified in writing to the tenant within 14 days of receiving the written application. The task is when a tenant finds someone who takes care of his lease. This is a good option if a tenant does not plan to return to the property. If a tenant finds someone who wants to take over the tenancy agreement, the tenant must obtain written permission from the lessor to award the lease. A lessor can only refuse the application to transfer the tenancy agreement if there is reasonable cause (i.e., the new tenant refuses to fill out an application form or cannot pay the rent). If the lessor rejects the application, the tenant must have a written justification for the refusal. Do the original tenant and the new tenant (subtenant) have to sign a written agreement? When a rental property is subleased, the original tenant leaves the apartment and a new tenant (the subtenant) moves in to take his place, but the original lease is maintained. Often, the original tenant expects the original tenant to return to the unit. For example, students rent their rental units for the summer from May to August with plans to return in September. As long as you have the owner`s permission, you can sublet any type of accommodation, such as . B a house, a condo or an apartment.

However, a tenant may also sublet part of the land to a subtenant, z.B. a: Before subletting, the original tenant must receive the landlord`s consent for the subletting of the property. The owner can only consent to the sub-meeting if there is a reasonable reason for refusal. For example, if the potential tenant does not conduct a credit quality check, the lessor may refuse the subletting period. If the landlord refuses to sublet, the original tenant must receive written reasons for refusal within 14 days. If the landlord does not respond to a subletting request within 14 days, the tenant may, according to the law, consider that the landlord accepts the request.