2. The reporting of accounts and the solvency of LPLs are signed by their designated partners on behalf of the LLP. (In accordance with the agreement signed by each partner in addition to the signature by the LLP`s designated partners) [Consistent with Rule 8 and Rule 11 and Limited Liability Partnership Rules18, 2009] I recently founded llP in Uttar Pradesh and I now have to submit Form 3. Can you please share a draft agreement for 3 DP? Also, what should be the value of the buffer paper for the agreement. Do I have to authenticate the agreement? The total contribution for the LLP is 1 lake. I ended up with LLP Incorporation, that is, Form 2 submitted and approved. Now I have to design an LLP agreement and submit Form 3, but I`m confused with a few sections of Form 3. On the basis of the procedure set out in the LLP agreement – the date on which the partners` agreement was given in accordance with Rule 20 rule (1), the LLP agreement must be certified notarized on a non-judicial stamp document Rs. 100. Article 20, paragraph 1, provides that the procedure itself is mentioned in the LLP agreement. (ii) the English translation of submissions that must be submitted to the clerk in accordance with Rule 1 or 3 is to be certified as provided for in points (iii) or (iv) of this sub rule.

(ii) For the filing of the application under subseed i), the applicant receives an expression of Form 7, attaches his photo in the space provided in this form, attaches authentic copies of the proof of identity and proof of residence, and physically signs the form at the location indicated. The photo and proof of identity and residence are authenticated by one of the following authorities:- Hello, I amend my LLP agreement, we can limit a specific partner to participation in management by giving details in bridge 9 in the form 3 of LLP. People who subscribe to their names in the founding document are the first partners of the LLP. Any other person can become a partner under the LLP agreement.