If possible, you should try spending time in Glasgow during the summer holidays to familiarize yourself with the city of Aertha with the campus and take a look at several properties before making a decision. If you can`t do this, don`t forget to bring enough money to pay for temporary accommodation when you arrive in Glasgow for the first time while looking for accommodation. Do not pay money to an owner on the Internet unless you have checked whether the person is registered as the owner of the property. All property that houses two or more persons that is not connected to each other must be licensed as a multi-occupancy house (HMO). You can go to l`LicensingEnquires@glasgow.gov.uk or 0300 343 0414 at the Glasgow City Council Licensing Section. If real estate is not registered or granted, there is a real risk of difficulties during the lease. Owners must register your accommodation deposit with a rental deposit system. You must say if the house is in this rental agreement: otherwise, tenants with a secure or short guaranteed tenancy agreement, who consider that a recent increase in rent is excessive, should apply to the First Tier-Tribunal (real estate and housing room). Or you can download and print this rental agreement and fill out by hand what you need. This manual provides our tenants with important information about their rental agreement, what their rental services are, how you can pay rent or get in touch with us. When signing the Scottish Secure Tenancy Agreement, all tenants will receive a copy of the agreement and information on the claim procedure (this can also be viewed in the download section of the site).

Planning officials at Glasgow City Council are recommending that councillors reject the recent request to build housing at a disused Finnieston bowling club. These are the conditions you must give your tenant by law as part of a new lease in Scotland. In the final lease, these terms are called “mandatory clauses” in your contract. You can`t change or get rid of these terms. Electricity, gas and travel costs are items you may not have paid for before. The rental agreement contains information on the following topics: You should keep a record of the emails you send to your client and that you will receive from your client. These include emails about your lease. If you decide that you prefer to stay in your own accommodation, you would usually share either one of the city`s major student residences, or a furnished apartment with friends, or west or east of the city. To help you find, we send each student a flyer called ` . It is your responsibility to ensure that the accommodation is tailored to your needs and meets all health and safety rules before signing an agreement with the owner.

All existing short-term and guaranteed leases will continue until the end of the agreement, but will then be replaced by the new lease. On the day the new lease comes into effect, any existing short or guaranteed rent is maintained until you or your landlord terminates it by terminating the rented apartment.