Keep in mind that comprehensive contracts, examples of consensusdocs may be requested. To request a full consensus contract for your internal control, complete the ConsensusDocs requirement form at Please note that any use of the contract, except for internal audit purposes, must come from a valid subscription purchase from Copyright license Anyone interested in using ConsensusDocs for educational or legal purposes may apply for a free ConsensusDocs copyright license. Once the application is processed, applicants will receive a copyright-numbered license letter and a complete watermark of the requested documents. Licenses must be renewed each year and depend on compliance with the terms of the letter of licence. To finalize a copyright application, visit the resources page at This standard construction contract between the owner of the construction project and the site manager (aka CM/GC,CM/C, CM in risk, CM@R) comfortably integrates the general conditions and contractual conditions of construction into a document. This agreement gives the owner the opportunity to source from the site manager. Suitable if the site manager is threatened and the payment is the cost of work plus fees, but unlike ConsensusDocsĀ® 500 – Agreement and general conditions between the owner and the site manager (where the CM is threatened), there is no guaranteed maximum price (GMP) to be determined. The terms and conditions include the powers assigned to each of the parties and deal with critical issues relating to construction law. Contractual issues include: relationships and responsibilities between the parties, definitions of key concepts, scope of work and performance obligations, Design Delegation, site conditions, different implementation conditions, contract price, contractual documents, contract review, submissions, subcontracting, permits and taxes, time, modifications, schedule changes, payment schedule, final completion and final payment, compensation (protection and damage against all losses), insurance and obligation, termination by convenience, termination of case, claims and termination, waiver of consequential damages, dispute settlement and reduction of construction defects, legal place, jurisdiction and much more.